<b>Fresh Water is Necessary</b> - As a consumer of water and the goods that require water, having an affordable water source is just as crucial for you as it is the businesses who need it to produce these goods. <b>Affordable Water for Ag & Nursery</b> - The current generation of Agricultural & Nursery Growers depend on a solution to affordable water so they can continue to support their local communities and the economy for generations to come. <b>Water to Grow</b> - Continue to keep your produce local and support local jobs all while keeping your own water rates down, so you can enjoy growing your own too.

Preserving Agriculture and the Rural Experience

The EGAP Story

Reclaimed water is essential to food production and essential for local businesses and consumers.

Water is only an exploitable resource when it is suitable for consumption either by humans, industry or agriculture. Most of the utilized freshwater goes toward agricultural purposes, like irrigation. In fact, agriculture accounts for 70 percent of all withdrawals, a figure that increases to 95 percent in developing countries.

These figures may seem high, but such amounts of water are actually needed to produce enough food for the world's fast-growing population.


    Horticultural User

    Water is essential to grove & nursery production. In order to continue to fuel our groves and provide these goods to the consumer, an affordable water system needs to be in place.


    Water User

    The “Water User” is You. Everyone consumes water. To drink, bathe, clean and grow fruits and veggies among other uses. We constantly go through periods of drought, including right now! Finding alternative methods for getting water to the Water User is essential to keep water rates low for all and to continue to enjoy the benefits of using water in our homes.



    Maintaining our current Agricultural & Horticultural economy that has been the backbone of the Escondido Economy since this city started, is essential to the continued revenue that flows into the city from the jobs that are provided on the grove/farm/nursery/landscape and in local businesses who utilize the goods produced.


    Being Green

    Being Green doesn’t just mean that you recycle your water bottles. There are numerous ways of reducing your carbon footprint, including water conservation. Water is our most important resource! We need to continue to create effective solutions so we can continue to enjoy locally grown foods and goods, as well as keep our costs low for all water users! That means EVERYONE.


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Help EGAP provide awarness to the community and to improve the local water system in Escondido.

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