Escondido’s Ag History

Agriculture was a mainstay of the Escondido economy from the late 19h Century up through the 1950’s. As Escondido grew, agriculture became less visible but remained a significant part of the economy. Avocados, citrus, grapes, nursery products, and other crops drive a silent but substantial economic engine today. Avocado revenues alone can impact the economy by more than $100 million per year, and most of these dollars are spent in Escondido businesses. However, modern development pressures and water pricing threaten the existence of this industry and the future benefits that come with a vibrant farm economy.

The agriculture industry in the Escondido area is a significant contributor to the Escondido economy. Recent Avocado crop revenues/exports have surpassed $40 million, and much of these dollars are spent locally by farm employees and by farms purchasing equipment and services. The multiplied impact well exceeds $100 million per year. This does not include all other agricultural activities including nurseries, and other crops. The world-wide outlook for agricultural products is good and getting better. Demand for avocados has been steadily increasing and last year farmers enjoyed some of the best prices in recent history. Given Escondido’s agricultural history, its location, and the fact that it has an Ag industry already in place, supporting agriculture is a compelling business investment for Escondido.